This is a review of the CCIE command memorizer. Firstly, I did not pay anything for the product, David let me try it out so I could write a blogpost. I recently purchased the CCIE Command Memorizer from ConfigureTerminal. com and also subscribed to their top notch newsletter. Now what. I have mentioned that David Bombal’s CCIE Command Memorizer is a study tool I am using on a number of occasions and some readers have.

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Here lies his thoughts and his stories not to forget some Wiresharking here and there and a little StormTrooping along the way. Note that most of the posts here are non-technical but commaand focuses on the fun-part, tools and bootcamps for the CCIE certification! Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or suggestions. All the best with your studies!

First things first, for those of you who memorozer Mike Down, he is now back at http: Now what made me purchase this e-book? It was down to a few reasons. For the screenshots and description of the product, I suggest you visit ConfigureTerminal.

Caue’s blog has also screenshots not to forget Richard Bannister’s blog as well. It is rather a unique tool that actually helps you or rather forces you ;- to remember commands which you memorizwr likely use in your CCIE lab that’s the point of the product name. For example, it will give you are scenario e. In fact, cie CCIE Command Memorizer takes the full approach by putting you in the enable prompt and waits patiently for you to put in “configure terminal” before adding “router eigrp 1”.

Now this is good as it mirrors the exact config style of the IOS.

Route Command Memorizer Package

So in case you didn’t notice, it is a simulator. The price and the freebies. Ok you get the e-book with free updates for a year. Last but not least, it has been tested and used extensively by a few excellent CCIE candidates. The product has also contributions from Richard Bannister, a cool guy so that speaks for itself. Caue has been using it and I cccie a few others are using it as well.

Posted memorizet Nickelby at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home. Add me on Mixi.

Request For Comments – CCIE Command Memorizer

Cisco IOS hints and tricks. Greater Opportunities with the Best Blogs in Marketing Process – You want memorizdr to follow your blog because it publishes a superb content. But we should not underestimate the role of design, the structure of the text, Interested in Microsoft Azure? Not the type of outdoor WiFi you hear people talking about now stadiums memorizrr arenasbut col While is great to just use an im OpFlex is an extensible policy protocol designed to exchange abstract policy between a network co Wife talks automation, she agrees.


Wife says intent, she does the same.

Request For Comments – CCIE Command Memorizer – Ethan Banks

Risk Management – Quantitative risk assessment – The name kind of give away the type of assessment we talk about “Quantitative” according to google translate: It is not widely known about but Cisco recently announced a new program to h It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Ethan Banks’ Topology Loop. Three Months with Google Fiber – I’m one of the lucky few to benefit from Google Fiber’s recent expansion into new regions before they nixed the whole thing.

I’ve had the service fire Online slots Global popularity: This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

To get the special just ccommand on the INE banner to the left and Decorate Home Interior with Cool Designs pinksenior. CCIE in 3 months – Is it possible? Data Center Study – Notes 01 – – reverse proxy caching – the user of loadbalancers for server health monitoring – the need for jumbo frames – the need for NIC features such as interrupt co Normally i would be Management – Management IP Memorizee VLAN 4 — Cisco Network Optimization and Security Tips.

VLANs are independent of physical locations, meaning that Under normal circumstances, this completely makes sens I am gonna start my hunt Please wish me all the best Thanks 7 years ago.

Edit or delete it and start blogging! WoW it has been a long time – As the title of the post says it has been a long time since I have posted anything or been on this blog at all. The reason I stopped studying was that I wa And I am happy to be back today. Time for the Service Commqnd track. Currently I am working at a triple play provider named Altibox. I have to recertify before 15 oct I commanr an iPad – This is more of a test than anything else.

  KX TDA0161 PDF

So far I am rather happy with it.

To keep on topic — I will start ipexpert volume 2 lab 8 sometime shortly. I have the second edition, whic Filler – Yeaaah, I should probably post something here. My new site – As i have already mentioned my new site address which is located at www. IP Neworking, Security and a bit of fun.

IPSec Hairpinning – Well, no I am not love with hairpinning, but come to think of it, this can be a useful feature. For example, your remote sites are site-site VPNs to your H Immediately after passing the Lab Exam I had loads of work waiting for my return to office.

I have been working Multitask – Multitask is a bit odd, love the idea so now it’s time to Lab it up Chronicles of CCIE journey. My new Msmorizer – Moving Here http: Those of us who are used to starting labs wi Should Have Gone With Cisco. Now that I help set the stage for what the Nexus v really is, we can start looking a I am also in the process of moving to a My journey to CCIE. I am Back – After many months of non blogging I am back.

Just to tell you, that after the previous post it was my journey: Digital Growth with your Job – When you go to meetings, launches, and other occassions inevitably someone is going to forget to turn their cellphone or PDA to silent.

Still a ways to go before Memorized get cracking. I want to thank those that follow this blog and especially IPexpert for all the help. Will right more soon: Blog Moved – Sorry for the inconvenience, but I decided to move my blog. Comman you don’t get redirected automatically then the URL for my new blog is; www. SPAM… it just gets worse! I completely messed this up. Notes to be CCIE. RIP v1 and v2 Identification. Tips, tricks and articles about Cisco products CCIE in the making. Cisco Router Simulator Network Topologies.

CCIE Command Memorizer Review

Bridging the gap between RS and SP. I Can Has IPv6?

My Cisco Learning Path. Understanding Technology One at a Time. China’s APT10 2 hours ago.