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Family Hyspin VG ; Product category Hydraulic Oils,Mineral; Application Standard; Product type Lubricating Oils. Description Hyspin VG Viscosity: Castrol Hyspin VG is also referred to as a ‰Û R & O” (Rust and Oxidation) hydraulic oil. hyspin-vg-range-pds View PDS hyspin-vgsds View SDS. Air Release, 8 min. Application, Specially formulated to provide outstanding protection against rust and oxidation while demonstrating good lubricity.

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Castrol Hyspin VG 68 Oil

The Pride Lubricants, a leading organization venturing into trading of Industrial Lubricants and Greases since year In addition to our business interest in bulk, we have our own retail business facilities in our Castro, Branch.

It is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitors.

This oil has been reformulated to provide trouble-free lubrication in new sophisticated hydraulic equipment such as NC Plastic Extrusion Machines and equipment incorporating filtration down to 5 microns. These machines are particularly View Contact Call Seller Now. Call Send a quick message.


Castrol Hyspin VG 68 Oil at Rs /litre | Ukkadam | Coimbatore | ID:

Get Best Price Request a quote. Product Specification Pour Point deg.

These machines are particularly prone to spool valve sticking and filter clogging. Bg VG 68 incorporates a low ash additive package which makes it superior to conventional antiwear hydraulic oil through: Minimum of metallic additive and therefore ash deposits.

Hydraulic Oil – HP Enklo Hydraulic Oil Retail Trader from Pune

Less generation of particle matter. Unlike normal zinc containing hydraulic oils, is completely stable non-sludge forming in presence of moisture.

Non-aggressive to copper, silver and their alloys. More thermally stable under high temperatures.


Conventional Zinc containing hyzpin tend to produce stick-slip. Higher level of resistance to wear and oxidation. It yields excellent Hydrolytic stab, Filterability and Demulsibility.

Whilst special precautions are taken during manufacture of Hyspin VG 68 to prevent particulate and metal additive contamination, it is advisable when initial filling new machines to flush system, pump the Hyspin VG 68 out again into the drums in which casgrol was supplied through a 5 micron filter, then pump the oil back into the machine again through 5 micron filter.


Year of Establishment Nature of Business Authorized Wholesale Dealer. Number of Employees 11 to 25 People.

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