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Cadernos rumo a` exceleˆncia®: Introduc ̧a ̃o ao modelo de exceleˆncia da Gesta ̃o® (MEG). Retrieved from Caderno 1 – Exercicios Contabilidade. Kurs: CADERNO DE EXERCÍCIOS Nº 1 /HdQtT+FNQ+tov/WPqRyMHg6/YN2FKhz9vogNwxevlTH8GXA1RA4rTdE/. According to the FNQ () companies look for organizational excellence and FNQ. Cadernos de Excelência – Processos. São Paulo: FNQ, GAFNI, R.

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His name explodes inside of me like cannon fire. I move toward our windows. His curtains are open.

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What am I supposed to say the next time we see each other? And Max knows about him. Save it for when he needs it. Did he believe me when I told him that I love him? This book is a work of fiction. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without permission acderno writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages in connection with a review written for inclusion in a magazine, newspaper, or broadcast.

The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content. Budding costume designer Lola lives an extraordinary life in San Francisco with her two dads and beloved dog, dating a punk rocker, but when the Bell twins return to the house next door Lola recalls both the friendship -ending fight with Calliope, a figure skater, and the childhood crush she had on Cricket. Dating Social customs —Fiction.

PLol [ Fic ]—dc23 The first is to attend the winter formal dressed like Marie Antoinette. The second is for my nfq to approve of my boyfriend. They hate his bleached hair with its constant dark roots, and they hate his arms, which are tattooed with sleeves of spiderwebs cadermo stars. They say his eyebrows condescend, that his smile is more of a smirk.

My father, Nathan, pushes the golden stack across our antique farmhouse table and toward my boyfriend. This is not a real question. Our reward caderni dealing with brunch? A more cadwrno Sunday-afternoon date with fewer check-ins. Max takes two and helps himself to the homemade raspberry-peach syrup. Despite appearances, Max is careful by nature.

This is why he cadsrno drinks or smokes pot on Saturday nights.


I stretch, and the seven inches of Bakelite bracelets on my right arm knock against each other. It irks Nathan that Max has no interest in college. The guy from the label never showed. Apart from the age thing, of course. This only gets them worked up. You have to be careful. Of course I can jump into these things. I make good grades.

Well, apart from biology, but Caferno refused to dissect that fetal pig on principle. And I only have one hole per ear and no ink. I clear my dishes from the table, hoping to speed things along.

I believe in costume. Life is too short to be the same person every day. I roll my eyes to show Max that I realize my parents are acting lame. Her eyes bug, and she inhales the waffle scraps in one cadsrno doggie bite. Which is totally Dog Racism, if you ask me. Betsy is all heart. Another command, not a question.

MODELO DE EXCELÊNCIA by Denise Santos on Prezi

Heavens to Betsy was supposed to be mine, but she had the nerve to fall in love with Nathan instead, which irritates Andy and me czderno no end. There are twenty-one stairs from our porch to the sidewalk. Anywhere you go in San Francisco, you have to deal with steps and hills. Real ballet slippers, not the flats that only look ccaderno ballet slippers. The sunshine feels good on my shoulders.

Betsy pees on the teeny rectangle of grass in front of the lavender Victorian next door—she always pees here, which I totally approve of—and we move on. I have a romantic date with my boyfriend, a great schedule with my favorite coworkers, and one more week of summer vacation. We hike up and down the massive hill that separates my street from the park.

When we arrive, a Caeerno gentleman in a velveteen tracksuit greets us. How was your birthday? His daughter Lindsey is my best friend; they live a few streets over. Cderno is the earliest of anyone in my grade, which I love.

It gives me an additional air of maturity.

Everyone asking for beef galbi this week. Hello to your parents. The old lady name is because I was named after one. My great-grandma Dolores Deeks died a few years before I was born. The kind of woman who wore feathered hats and marched in civil rights protests. Dolores was the first person Andy came out to. They were really close, and when she died, she left Andy her house.


My parents make a healthy living, but nothing like the neighbors. The well-kept homes on our street, with their decorative gabled cornices and extravagant wooden ornamentation, all come from old money. Including the lavender house next door. My name is also shared with this park, Mission Dolores.

Heavens to Betsy finishes, and we head home. Your dads are gonna be the death of me, Lo. We pick up speed. Max must be beyond uncomfortable right now. A terrible scenario loops through my mind: It has to, it always does. The last family, this couple that smelled like baby Swiss and collected medical oddities like shriveled livers in formaldehyde and oversize models of vaginas, vacated a week ago.

I slow down to get a better look at the truck. Sure enough, there are two people ahead on the sidewalk. Betsy tugs on her leash, and I pick up the pace again. The movers lift a white sofa from the back of the truck, and my heart thumps harder. Do I recognize it? Have I sat on that love seat before? They grunt and nod back. I inspect the car, and my relief deepens. Andy looks surprised by the cheer in my voice.

He knows that I worry about their return, that I fret each moving day. I release Betsy from her leash and whisk into the kitchen. Determined to hurry the morning and get to my date, I swipe the remaining dishes from the table and head toward the sink.

Do they have another plastic vagina? A medieval suit of armor—what? My feet are carrying me toward the window while my brain is screaming for me to turn back. But people buy new things. My eyes are riveted next door as cadwrno figure emerges onto the porch. The dishes in my hands— Why am I still carrying the brunch plates?

I sag against the railing of the rustic teahouse, and a breeze floats across the reflecting pool beside us. This is something we have in common—terrible vision. I love it when he wears his glasses. Badass rocker meets sexy nerd. Caverno they add the necessary touch of sensitivity. Max is always conscious of his appearance, which some people might find vain, but I understand completely.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. She was mean to you?