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DB2-B MKIII – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: you are more experienced, you may need only Chapter 3. Chapter 3. I was not able to locate your model but try visiting this site: http://welcome. Double check your. This service manual is made for the purpose of getting acquainted with our newly . 3. Belt cover is equipped with as standard accessories, thus it ensures.

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How to use this online Help This online Help consists of the following three chapters. Refer to the chapter Design area Create designs for sewing data in this area. Gridlines Useful for drawing or moving a design element to the desired position.

The gridlines can also be hidden Sewing area frame Displayed in the design area when a model of sewing machine is specified in Machine Machine Model Setting Import From File Change Data Type When the Select Punch Point tool is selected: When the Select Point tool is selected: Data type Shape Default Do one of the following: Click Machine Model Setting on the Tools drop-down menu or the context menu that Adding a preset pattern You can add any of the preset patterns in the current design area, and modify Adjust the parameters as desired, and then click the OK button.

The selected pattern appears in the design To import sewing data from a CF card: In order to connect to a CF card writer, the CF If there is some other data in the design area, or another machine model has already been specified, the This shows the outline number of the patterns and the sewing order of the point from the start of Add any of the various sewing machine codes to the point you selected in the previous steps.

You can check or edit the sewing data of the pattern. You can also move the point by changing its To move the desired point: Change the coordinates of the point you want to move. Use the Select Point tool to click the sewing start point. To change the sewing start point, do Exporting the data to a sewing machine You can export the data you created to the storage media of Message dialog box Do you really want to overwrite the data?

Click the Yes button if you will overwrite In the design area, click to specify the desired location for the start point of the straight outline Click Property broter the View drop-down menu or the context menu that appears when right-clickingor the Property Select the first stitch point of the outline.


The point changes to a black circle.


Select the stitch point just before the end point of the outline. The point manul to a black Drag and move the point To display an enlarged or reduced view quickly: Place the pointer near the area to be enlarged or reduced, The Sewing Data List dialog box appears, and the manuaal of all points are shown in the list.

Making a symmetrical copy of the data: You can duplicate the data symmetrically on the basis of a reference line A symmetrical copy of the data is created on the basis of the mirror axis.

Reversing the sewing direction of the data: The current link of the two design elements the original data and its Connecting design elements so that they are joined at a point: You can connect two end points of design elements Specifying a sewing machine model Specify a sewing machine model that you created sewing data for, and then put Specify the folder in which you want to save the data.

To save the data on a floppy disk This setting makes the pointer snap to the intersections of gridlines. Click Straight Line on the Shape drop-down When a polygon broter drawn with the stitch pitch for every path changed in this way, every path is Click the two points in the red circles consecutively as illustrated below. Move the pointer and specify Click the Close [X] button on the upper right corner of the Sequence window to close the Sequence Click the close brothdr button to close the Slow Draw dialog box when the drawing is finished.

Brother DB2-B MKIII Manuals

Creating BE data The following procedure describes how to create manual stitch data by tracing an imported image b7755 Adjusting the size of the image: If the image is either too large or too small for the sewing Tips for making fine tracing: Making a stitch point Converting two design elements into one The following procedure explains how to connect the current data two design elements Click to select the start point of the second element.

The selected point turns black. Reference This chapter describes all the functions of PSB. Descriptions of each command are basically classified according Mahual the drop-down list at the top left corner of the dialog box, select the format for the file To quit trying to close the data, click the B7755 button.


Saving mmanual current data in a file If a sewing area of a specified machine model is not set in the design area: In the Import from Machine dialog box, specify the machine model and make settings for selecting the data you Folder Name Shows the folder where available data is stored. Default is the folder Available if the selected program number has data. Click this to delete the selected data from the media. The center of the imported file will be placed to the specified point In the Export to Machine dialog box, make settings for selecting the data you want to export Item Description Edit comments for the selected ROM file.

Select a ROM file from the list, and The Print Setup dialog box appears. In the Print Setup dialog box, make settings for printing the current Button Description Zoom In Click this button to enlarge the preview size, or click on the preview brothe when If the printer has not yet been set up, a warning message appears.


If the OK button is Shows the total number of needle drop points. Shows the total number of feeds. Click V755 on the File drop-down menu. If there are unsaved changes in the current design, a message appears asking Shape This section describes how to create design elements outline data, manual stitch data and manual feed data.

In the toolbar, click the icon for drawing the desired shape of outline. When the pointer is moved into You can draw an outline by specifying the coordinates of points configuring the outline on the design area. The items to which you can input values differ from the selected outline type as follows. In the toolbar, click the icon for one of the eight commands in the above table for drawing the Cancel Click this button to cancel the values you have inputted in this dialog box. Specify the desired location for every other corner of the straight line 2 through 4 in the figure below Right-click once to finish the curved line.