Brahmastra was a weapon used by the ancient Hindus in war. It is very powerful and it can not be countered. There are two more Astras of this. Shri Baglamukhi Brahmastra Mala Mantra(श्री बगलामुखी ब्रह्मास्त्र माला मंत्र). Uploaded by Gurudev Shri Raj Verma ji. For Mantra diksha. As described in a number of the Puranas, Brahmastra is considered to be This astra can be invoked by using sacred mantras into any object.

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In physical plane if we understand Brahmastra then it’s a weapon of mass destruction. We have discussed this above. When a sadhaka Warrior meditates and bgahmastra his Kundalini, his kundalini Read Brahmastra here in this contextderives energy from his base chakra Mooladhara and propels upwards. On its way, it penetrates through 5 other chakras deriving energies from them at every stage. Finally it hits the target-Crown chakra Sahasrara and explodes there with a brilliance.

So, everyone should yearn for pocessing and releasing one’s inner Brahmastra but the Brahmastra in physical world should always be in the hands of right people!

I like this post. I have heard that sound and vibrations were used in wars those days and I think you are right. Jo Manush Janam paakar bhi aatm padd paane kaa yatn nahi karte ve bade dukh ko prapt hote hai” Mukesh http: Shivoham bhai, bina brahmchariya ke koi nhi aainge Mantrz ka naam hi kalyug me khafi hai They would be of no help to you. Aim of human life is to get salvation, and not to gain material desires fulfilled by these Gandhervas etc.

There is no god who is away from you.

God is everywhere, around you, inside you also. Sorry the above statement is very contradictory if once is able to see god everywhere then one should also be in a position to see god in yakshas and Gandharvas. I am wonder-struck to hear the word kshudra-Devatas. The chatur varna is not for devata.

Shocking Secrets of Brahmastra

These must be from some sort of mqntra sampradayas Brahamstra Anonymous friend, There is no contradiction. One should be able to see God everywhere, and for such a mahatma kind of devotee even in gandhervas he would see supreme being. But Mukesh who posted his query above doesn’t want to see God for tehs ake of devotion of selfless love. His mind dwells in “material desires”. Therefore he want to please gandhervas and Yakshas.

That is allowed in Tantra kind of worship probably. So, there is no contradiction in my advise, only gap is in ur understanding. Secondly, I am wonder struck inf act to know that you understood “Kshudra” as “Shudra”. Both words are poles apart in meaning, however they sound alike.

Assuming that you aren’t aware of Hinduism concepts want to give a brief here. Gandhervas, Apsaras, Yakshas etc are equal to humans, they all are just different categories of species, only difference is that they are little elevated beings.

Even you or I can gain greater rank than theirs by penance or by devotion or by Jnana. That’s where “Kshudra devata” means lesser gods is applied. And you were talking about “Shudra”, which is a varnas based stuff and not related to current discussion at all.


If not, feel free to question again, would help u for sure! I am simply moved by reading how beautifully Santosh Brahamstra Ayalasomayajula ji tries to make us understand the things. But with the advice of one of my enlightened guide I came to understand that such curiosity may lead to fatal consequences many a times.

Reason is… ,antra beings possess pure and powerful aura which we, as per our present life style, may not be able to sustain their energy field. Secondly if at all we are successful in invoking a celestial being, things may not move according to our wish mantea our bio energy field may suffer severely.

During sadhana many of the so called sadhakas either go mad or die because of this reason. Brahmacharya, tapashya and sadhana are the mediums through which we purify and energise our bio-energy field first to sustain the shock of the first glimpse of the celestial beings. If we are energetic enoughwe can come in communion with the celestial beings and interact with them thereafter.

So it is always amntra to refrain from such activities without being a deserving candidate for the said purpose.

Brahmastra Invocation Mantra Other Astras. – Ramani’s blog

Thanks a ton Respected BPT ji It’s true that gayatri mantra is brahmastra if pronounced in a differant manner. I am mentioning few astras arose from Gayatri mantra. These are written in Vasishta Dhanurveda samhita. Daadidaanthaancha saavitreem vipareetam japeth sudhee: Japtva poorvam nikharvancha tvabhimantraya vidhivacharam kshipetshatrushu sahasaa nashyanthi sarvajaatayah: Sarveshe nashabhaayanthi mama chaiva prasaadatah: Purascharyyam puraskrutvaa trilakshyam niyatah: That which protects can also destroy.

Chanting a gayatri mantram provides protection or acts as kavacham armour. Chanting it differently as indicated above will turn it into a means for destruction. In today’s materialistic world, people might end up suing them for lowly purposes.

So, please refrain from revealing mantras of great energy in an open forum. Also, my two cents worth, the above mantras are not complete. Apparently this text Vasishta dhanurveda is available for download in Maharsbi Mahesh Yogi website. Highlights the great power of the mantram. Bonjour,j’aime beaucoup votre blog. Om Mani Padme Hum. May be this comment will sound outrageous but the Nazis were very interested in the arms described in the ancient books of the Hindu culture trying to applied or copied some of the ancient concepts with some results.

The occidental culture doesn’t accept the possibility of the presence of avatars in the old world. What if brahmastras were actually weapons activated by voice recognition technology!! And the ‘mantras’ were actually passwords!! Santosh, i am trying to know more about Gayatri Mantra. Can you tell me as what changes you observed in your self. I dont recite the mantra Now, what changes did you observer in yourself. I know, you cannot launch Brahmastra. Can you tell us few instances, where people did it for nth times and now they have some internal powers.

I have been reading stuff. Dear Anonymous friend, Learned men say that one shouldn’t narrate about the personal spiritual experiences, however in order to uplift the glory of Gayatri mantram i would cite few of my experiences. Before my upanayana i was a different person altogether, i was spiritually weak, was in worldly attachments and desires.

Post Upanayana, as they call it a “second birth” dvijait really seem to me as my second birth, i am totally a changed person. This is probably the great grace conferred by mother gayatri on me and i am thankful for that.: I don’t know about anyone who gained siddhis, since as per the rule noone would reveal about their siddhis to anyone, it is just a personal elevation and shouldn’t be disclosed openly, so there should be many people who are advanced beings but we may not see them speaking about their achievements openly.


You said that bramhastra mantra are related to gayatri mantra. I had talked to many brhamins about this and they said that Baglamukhi mantra is related to bramhastra. Dus maha vidya among wich one is baglamukhi which is used to destroy an enemy. I caution you not to try such things.

These are very potent mantras which require one’s spiritual energy to be of high standard before one even possesses them. In Kaliyuga I don’t think any one of us has the ability to possess these astras hence if any chant goes wrong in pronunciation it may adversely effect us in turn. Even the great Kavyakantha ganapati muni had discovered the entire astra vidya hidden in rig veda mantra but goddess renuka CHinnamasa stopped him and said this is not the right time for that vidya to manifest in this Kaliyua hence asked him not to disclose it.

Thata stra vidya would manifest again when Vishnu as Kalki would come on earth. We humans are not that elevated to possess that Vidya and astras. Hi to all, Lord Vishnu has taken 24 avtaar in all 4 Yugas. In kaliyuga Lord Vishnu is present in breath of all his disciples named ‘Budha’.

In kaliyuga disciples can make Vishnu happy only by ‘namasmaran’. Instead of mantra-tanra, puja, daan, dharma, tirth yatra, bhakti etc. There is a text so called “Viswamitra Samhita” or “Viswamitra Kalpa” this deals with many permutations and combinations of great Gayatri Mantra alone. That’s the reason why still every one prescribes a dvija to recite this mantra daily without fail.

I can remember one incident told to me by my acharya, I don’t know the authenticity since I have not seen the text, but worth to write here to elevate the greatness of Sri Gayatri Mantra.

Once in a court of Akbar a learned dvija came in and explained that he is exponent of vedanta and so on, and he can give ample of pramana for any query that raised by learned member in the court. Immediately Birbal questioned him like “Do you know the meaning or inner tattva of gayatri mantra? Before dvija could start the explanation ” Stop, first go and learn the actual meaning then you can come to the court with your explanation” Dvija: Now I have referred almost every text that I have come across, I can explain the tattva and inner meaning of Gayatri Mantra Birbal: Again, Before dvija could start the explanation ” Stop, I think you have not read the references properly please go and read it again” Dvija: Started referring the scripture and finally started contemplating on the great Gayatri Mantra.

After that he completely immersed in brahma jnana and started realizing the ultimate self.