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The powers of astral hunting through dream and drinking the spiritual blood is ONLY best described through the experience itself. Verdun, another villager did so as well. The Ten Precepts of Zohak and the Wamphjri Adominations of Akht — Jadu display therein the very foundation of this work, the Luciferian Path and the key to the gates of hell and heaven.

The altar should be located on the west wall if at all possible. It is also a personal religious focus on the path of Ahriman, the Black Dragon. Wamphgri would then have completed the bridge for Varcolaci, therein to wander the dark portals of the cosmos to attack the heavenly bodies. The Iron Age is here, Kali is awakened and she is very thirsty. A Vampire is also in fact Varcolaci, once the discipline of Astral Shadods is Achieved, then Varcolaci is able to develop and rise as a demon of great power.

This process is achieved individually, as you abd be within your own circle of created arte. Take the phone off the hook, turn the TV off, and make sure distractions will be to a minimum. The Ahrimanic Vampyre description displays the very concept of which wamphyro Black Order of the Dragon was founded upon. The Ahrimanic Vampyre or Luciferian seeks to walk behind these scenes, seeking aamphyri political union, no lie filled policy nor a religious servitude which breeds ignorance.

What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: It is a way of thinking, being and motivating towards goals. The dark spirits will then drink astral blood from either the moon, stars, or the sleeping opfer.


Copyright c darkbooks. You will want to feed upon a sleeping shaxows, for the life force in this state is so pure. Sorcery is the art of encircling energy and focusing the mind towards subjective results, to achieve what we desire most.

They are mindless, no will, no life. If you recognize your true nature, that which guided you here, shall then you be welcomed into the Halls of the Infernal.

Books by Michael W. Ford

Beginning Luciferian Magick by Michael W. Is it unnatural for the wolf to devour its prey? Guilt is an emotion which drains your energy as well as creates other mistakes in its wake. Part three covers Yatukan and Ahrimanic Persian sorcery. From this very foundation, the initiate should begin studying the following grimoires at their own pace, allowing for inspired interpretations to be considered. Luciferian Witchcraft represents perhaps the major part of his published accomplishments to date.

The second part of the book,The Grimoires of Luciferian Witchcraft, includes several of his most infamous graveyard workings, together with the complete version of wampuyri Luciferian Goetia- a completely revised and updated version of the Goetia grimoire from the Lesser Key of Solomon the King. A red and black candle may be burnt, of course totally optional and rather unimportant.

When this veil is lifted, there is no absolute good or evil, there is survival and the manifestation of ones natural laws of living. I will and do partake of the pleasures of the flesh and recognize myself as a god of the Boook.

Here is my Magical Library and Left Hand Path Books

This will aid you always in confrontation. Rather than focusing on the pain, ignore it by not identifying with it. Study your strengths, weaknesses and seek to develop and master both. The reason is once you enter the state of dream and rise as varcolaci then are you open to the spirits and outer beings and energies within the nightside as well.

Titles are labels that are earned. Our minds make flesh according to our desires. This is my Law! However, we understand that the flesh is not forever and that even wxmphyri some of us are fully capable of floating from body to body, that eventually the flesh dies.


Clad in black or crimson robes with dagger and chalice. This ritual is to be done during the night, past midnight for then the powers of the astral waves are yours to manipulte and man is vunerable at night, more of a chance o success if they are not of strong mind and spirit. It answers through us. While the word lie represents falsehood, it must be understood there is no truth and nothing remains permanent.

We, Vampyres, predators of humans – visualize ourselves as the darkness of nature, nature unveiled.

I have lived as Moroii, transfering the lifeforce into the jaws of the undead gods, I now seek to ascend into the condition of Vampyre-Varcolaci, to die a mortal death and be reborn to the blood of the dragon! Does it help you to know that while you sleep, your dreams grow heavy with the failures and shortcomings of a world around you? The Raven seems wamphyrj paint pictures of plague, death and misery.

Book of Wamphyri and Shadows by Michael Ford

We, Vampyres, predators of humans – visualize ourselves as the darkness of nature, nature unveiled. The Dragon is a form of Set, the Lord of Chaos, thus your Daemon and Soul is the very Ordered spirit which controls this chaos and transforms it into Order. Vampirism is absorbing the spiritual and mental energy of humanity, that which we wish to leave behind.

Vampirism is a nameless faith, found in the forge of the first murderer, whose thirst for life was greater than God itself. Humans are sheep to our kind, we do not hold any place for compassion, tolerance or love for sheep.