Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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Since its introduction inBonderizing has found its way into the finishing systems of hundreds of the largest manufac- turing plants in the world, where the products require the greatest measure of protection and finish beauty. A long time favorite of the rainwater goods industryzinc phosphate provides the perfect surface for field painting of flashing, gutters, downspouts, and other roofing materials, as well as signs and even enamel coated interior fixtures.

Parkerizing is commonly used on firearms as a more effective alternative to bluingwhich is an earlier-developed chemical conversion coating. Of all the products to which Bonderizing is ap- plied, none of them demonstrate its rugged char- acter quite so forcefully as its use on the automobile. For this reason many manufacturers make use of Parker protected finish as an outstanding sales and advertising feature. It is giving point and value to the manu- facturer’s statement: WHILE Bonderizing was originally designed to produce a rust-inhibit- ing phosphate coating on iron and steel only, as an integral paint base, it has been perfected to such an extent that the same corrosion resisting and paint holding qualities can be extended to galvanized, galvannealed, zinc alloy and cadmium surfaces.

Figure 3 is a reproduction of four-color photo- graph of plain, untreated steel sample tested in agar agar medium. Retrieved from ” https: Once an auto- mobile builder recognizes the value of Bonderizing, he insists on similar protection by suppliers of acces- sories such as wheels, lamps, horns, heaters, bumper brackets and scores of smaller parts.

It is now used in the mass production finishing systems of most of the Leaders in the manufacture of steel windows, also by makers of air conditioning equipment, medicine cabinets, switch and meter boxes, window screens, elevator cabs, steel partitions, as well as galvanized sheets, from which eare troughs, doors and display racks are made. Parker-Wolverine Co, Martin Ave.


Bonderizing helps to reduce the cost of station main- tenance and keeps pump equipment looking better without frequent refinishing. Coslett, of Birmingham, Englandsubsequently filed a patent based on this same process in America inwhich was granted U.

Bonderizing Process | Sinwa Mekki | Joetsu,Niigata,plating,decoration

These accelerated tests reveal in days what it might take years of actual weathering to find out. Views Read Edit View history. While the complete process is standardized so far as procedure is concerned, there is no “standard” style, size or shape of tank equipment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Al- most always the need for a solution of his problem is such that he is unable to await the result of tests of prospective finishes or processes under atmos- pheric conditions.

The Bonderizing Chemical is the result of exhaustive research in our own laboratories and practical application lrocess actual production, and contains every element necessary to making a highly efficient rust-proofing solution.

The process involves submerging the metal part into a phosphoric acid solution whose key ingredient is often zinc or manganesewith varying additional amounts of nitrateschloratesand copper. Used this way, Parkerizing is thus becoming a protective and decorative finishing technique that is used over other underlying improved techniques of metal protection.

Whether your customers processs consum- ers or industrial users, rust-proofing and finish durability are tangible, con- structive features that indicate careful, conscientious building in all details. Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Bonderizing directory on the Internet.

There is no distortion nor dimensional change result- ing from the Bonderite Process. Like all metal finishing methods, Bonderizing requires a clean surface and in both types of Bonder izing installations, the proper cleaning and proccess equipment is usually included in the installation plans.

Bonderized Steel Supplier

Parker Processes give the product a selling advantage over competing lines that are less carefully finished. Alternatively, the Parkerized surface may be painted over with an epoxy or molybdenum finish for added wear resistance and self- lubricating properties. Traditional iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, and manganese phosphate chemical conversion coatings, including Parkerizing variations, have all been criticized [2] in recent years for introducing phosphates into surface water systems, encouraging the rapid growth of algae eutrophication.


Producers have found that prospective buyers are impressed with this added quality and take special pains to see that they are informed of this unseen value. We also offer galvannealed steelan alternative to bonderized steel, which is a bomderizing steel coated with zinc on both sides by the continuous hot-dip process.

boneerizing So important is this regarded by many manufacturers that they devote space in their catalogs, booklets and folders to the item of rust-proof fin- ishes. This is a continuing free service pro- vided to assure the manufacturer the greatest possi- ble benefit from the rust-proofing operation.

It is a non-conductor of electrical currents, affording protection from electro- chemical corrosion of the metal.

Whether the sales- man is a factory representative, or the man on the firing line selling the goods over the counter or on the sales floor, he finds this to be a big help to him. Bonderized steel, also referred to as paint grip steel, is galvanized steel that has been put through a phosphate bath and a chromate dry.

The Bonderizing Process is not only used more extensively on sheet metal procrss requiring a type of finish that will provide a high degree of rust resistance and maintain fine appearance over a period of years, but is bonddrizing so improved as to widen its scope of effectiveness to include hot rolled steel, zinc coated surfaces, and zinc base die castings.

As the Parker Processes are used on scores of differ- ent products in varied equipment from small still tanks to huge conveyor equipment, proces engineering staff ts maintained to help the prospective user install the type that will be best adapted to his production requirements.

The gasoline pump obnderizing is benefitted by Bonderizing for two reasons: The equipment is assembled in a steel housing with reservoirs below, where solutions are accumulated, ready for circulation.