Scientific Name: Blechum pyramidatum. Root Word:: pyramidatum = pyramid- shaped. Vernacular: Yerbas Babui, Synonym: Blechum brownei. Blechum pyramidatum (Lam.) Urb. Taxonomic Serial No.: Reference for: Blechum pyramidatum. Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version. Sapin-sapin, Blechum pyramidatum (Lam.) Urban, BROWNE’S BLECHUM – Herbal Medicine – An illustrated compilation of Philippine medicinal plants by Dr .

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Blechum pyramidatum Lamk Urb. A decoction of the entire plant is used to treat blennorrhoea in the Philippines; the pounded leaves are used to heal wounds.

In Costa Rica, a decoction of the plant is a popular remedy for dysentery, and in Cuba it is valued as a powerful diuretic.

In Jamaica, a decoction is used in a stimulant bath, and to treat colds, whereas in Mexico it is considered a remedy for snakebites, chills and fever.


In Panama, a decoction of the entire plant is used to treat vomiting. An annual or short-lived, erect or ascending herb up to 50 cm tall; stems often prostrate and rooting at lower nodes. Inflorescence a dense terminal spike up to 6 cm long, with large foliaceous bracts c. Flowers solitary or in pairs in the axils of bracts, small, bisexual, each flower with 2 linear bracteoles; calyx 5-partite with linear segments; corolla gamopetalous, scarcely longer than bract, with slender tube and 5 subequal lobes contorted in bud, puberulent, white; stamens 4, didynamous, inserted above the middle of the corolla tube; ovary superior, 2-celled, style subulate.

Fruit an ovoid capsule c.

Blechum pyramidatum (PROSEA) – PlantUse English

Blechum consists of about 6 species and is native to tropical America. It pyramodatum not be confused with Blechnumwhich is a fern genus.

In tropical America, it is a weed of fields, shady waste places and moist thickets, up to m altitude. It is sometimes a troublesome weed, e. Schott in Western Samoa.


Ruellia blechum

Management Seeds of B. There is no marked dormancy, and the seeds lose their germination capacity comparatively rapidly. It is not possible to give an indication of the medicinal prospects of B. However, research seems worthwhile because of the medicinal uses in different parts of the world.

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