Page 1. 1. Název projektu: Automatizace výrobních procesů ve strojírenství a řemeslech BLAHOVEC, A., Elektrotechnika I, Praha: Informatorium s.r.o., 1. Název projektu: Automatizace výrobních procesů ve strojírenství a řemeslech . BLAHOVEC, A., Elektrotechnika II, Praha: Informatorium s.r.o., 1 Fyzikální základy; 2 Konstrukce železných jader; 3 Jádra pro cívky se Antonín Blahovec: Elektrotechnika I; Informatorium ; ISBN

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Faculty of Information Technology. Electronics for Information Technology Code: To obtain general knowledge and basics of selected methods of description and analysis of electric circuits with practical application in computer science.

Blahovec, Antonín

To elektrotcehnika detailed instructions and information about occupational safety with electric devices. To gain practical knowledge of working with fundamental electronic circuits in labs. Analysis of transitional processes in electric circuits in a time area. Formulation of circuit equations and possibilities of their solutions. Analysis of non-linear electric circuits. Parameters and characteristics of semiconductor elements.

Electronics for Information Technology

Graphic, numerical, and analytical methods of non-linear circuit analysis. Limiters and sampling circuits. Astable, monostable, and bistable flip-flops.


Dissipationless and dissipation lines. Wave propagation on lines, reflections, adjusted lines.

Železné jádro – Wikipedie

Learning outcomes and competencies: Ability to analyse electric circuits with practical application in computer science. Knowledge of safety regulations for work with electronic devices. Mathematical basis for electric circuits analytic and numerical methodsterminology and quantities used in circuits.

RLC circuits in impulse mode, frequency filters 3 Dissipationless and dissipation lines. Spreading of signals on a line.

Signal transmission Semiconducting components, bipolar technology, PN junction, elektrogechnika Bipolar transistors, transistor as a switch Unipolar transistors, TTL and CMOS gates logical levels, power Operational amplifiers perfect with weighted resistant nets. Analog-to-digital converters Overview of important electric circuits voltage sources, stabilizers, oscillator, multioscilators, bi-stable flip-flop, Schmitt flip-flop, timer, comparator, transmitter, receiver.

Microelectronics, principles of integrated circuits manufacturing Methods of measurement of electric and non-electric quantities. Principles and application of measuring devices Syllabus of numerical exercises: Electric circuits of resistors. Editor and simulator of electric circuits with directed voltage source.

  IC 4558D PDF

Audiovisual demonstrations RLC circuits, transient processes. Editor and simulator of RLC circuits with alternating voltage source. Audiovisual demonstrations Bipolar technology, diode. Audiovisual demonstrations Bipolar technology, transistor. Audiovisual demonstration of manipulation with professional electronic devices Signal transmission. Audiovisual demonstrations Syllabus of laboratory exercises: Audiovisual demonstrations Syllabus – others, projects and individual work of students: Elektrotecgnika evaluation of the subject on chosen examples.

Lecture notes written in PowerPoint Murina, M.: The art of electronics 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press, Mid-term exam and Final exam: The minimal number of points which can be obtained from the final exam is Otherwiseno points will be assigned to a student.

The necessity of completing the training of the notice 50th. Obtain at least 3 points from semester project and at least 6 points from laboratories.

Electronics for Information Technology. Principles and application of measuring devices.