Live data map for the Bike Share Toronto bikeshare system in Toronto, Canada. About Bixi: Bixi is a public bicycle rental system that originated in Montreal. It is based on the popular “Velib” bicycle rental system in Paris, France. Click map for interactive version. BIXI is slated to launch in Toronto on May 3 with 1, bikes spread out over 80 stations. While we’re all for.

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For the uninitiated, BIXI is simple to use: Of course, real success might require that the operation expands to include other Toronto neighborhoods.

I did the Bixi in Montreal…. I think you should check the facts to make sure your data is correct. There is then a charge for every 15 minutes the bike is out of that stand….

Hamilton’s Bikeshare Success Provides Lessons for Toronto

I rode the bixi system in Montreal last fall and it was great! Lets hope that the Toronto system is sustainable and successful, and that it expands beyond its initial service area before Rob Ford gets angry at it.


To be fair, you are correct that my info is not thorough…… in a comment box. It is also not explained very well on the service kiosks. In MY view, it is misleading. Rob Ford is unlikely to get angry at it.

Bixi Toronto | Biking Toronto

I doubt he would know one if he saw one. Such a great option for tourist — I hope they utilize it and are not afraid to maap the mean streets of TO. I used the Velib system in Paris as a tourist and loved the way it allowed me to interact with the city.

Yep, the fee structure needs to be more clearly presented at stations and on the BIXI website. The organizers risk creating a PR disaster when monthly bills arrive.

One day, I road a bixy bike in toronto.

The day, I road a bike for 5hr. I think that a company, bixy toronto should apologize and compensate for exess charges. Here is the math: BIXI is a system for urban commuters and other short term users.

BIXI Toronto: Bike-Share (collaborative consumption map)

Unless ma; are well organized and can leave your bike every half hour in the centre core then it is cheaper to buy a beater on craigslist. Bixie Beware the Unsuspecting Tourist!


Your credit card could get frozen for longer than your stay in Toronto! I have a 16 year old French exchange student staying with my 15 year old daughter. Last Thursday we rented Bixie bikes to ride around the U of T.

As I could only put two bikes on my credit card, I asked her to use her card for her bike. After about a 30 minute ride, we returned the bikes.

The next day she tried to use her card, and it was declined. Is this something you have time for as a tourist or bxi student? Reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited. Click map for interactive version BIXI is slated to launch in Toronto on May 3 with 1, bikes spread out over 80 stations.