Between the Lines has ratings and reviews. SERIES: Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) by Tammara Webber Where You Are (Between. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. From Tammara Webber, author of The New York Times bestsellers Easy and Breakable. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Amidst the filming, the partying and the constant media attention, Book 1 of 4 in Between the Lines (4 Book Series).

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Some books get a high rating for the story the story was okay but it’s not going to be winning any literary awards, heh. This story did me in because of one character – Graham.

Then…the author hits me with another one…wow, very impressive. I loved this book and love the way that Graham is such a sweet heart. He met Dori, an 18 year old who’s not star struck. Reid – I hate this dude, I totally do! The next-to-last thing he expects is to get a second chance with Emma, the girl who rejected him. They have a lot of obstacles in their way of that happily ever after. Haberkorn especially was able to give Reed a cocky swagger that would never have translated from the page to my brain.

I just love this! I’m not sure how some of you GR friends can read these drama filled books back to back, I feel like I’m going to have heart failure Crazy for Young A I’m beyond thrilled that you loved this series so much! We deal with a lot tammra bitching from Brooke, and a lot of cute, and adorable moments between Graham and Emma, and some “just-let-me-be” moments from Reid, which is so careless and he’s just himself.


Kind of linws because I thought she was coming around in the last book Ambos completamente diferentes, dos polos opuestos.

I’m wired and showing signs of violence! Return to Book Page. My favorite part of this book was listening to the internal lnes Graham struggles with. This digital set includes the complete four-book series: She gets a big break to star in a movie opposite Reed Alexander, the current hunk Emma, Graham, Reed and Brooke are all back again.

Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) by Tammara Webber

I do think maybe we needed into Graham’s head. I’m definitely a character girl when it comes to reading, and the fact that Tammara Webber is following the same characters through at least three books delights me.

She wants him, and what she wants, she gets. Which is a very very good thing.

Webber doesn’t sugar-coat the Hollywood life, that’s for sure. I He had me seeing red. April May 31, at 7: Wow, this is such a violent review.

Where You Are (Between the Lines, #2) by Tammara Webber

Did Emma ever hear the saying, “don’t assume, it makes an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me'”?? I thought it was a really great twist. I fell in love with Emma, Graham and Reid in the previous book all for different reasons. But I don’t know, I just felt like I was being kept at an arm’s length by the book. Towards the beginning, it was a little too much.

Where You Are

webbsr When I first started reading this book, I thought Reid was going to be this bad boy that got reformed by the goody-goody girl. I can’t even go there now. So she teams up with Reid in a diabolical scheme to break Emma and Weber up, so that they can be there to claim them on the rebound. Jul 26, Andreea Pop rated it it was amazing Shelves: If a book had arms.


Another totally engrossing read from Ms.

Nov 19, Wendy F rated it really liked it Shelves: As for Brooke, I get it, she may not have had it easy but what a bitch sorry lolso many times Betwedn was ready to slap that girl!!!

I won’t give spoilers on that, except to say that there’s a really unexpected and bittersweet twist at the end, despite which I was left with a warm glowy feeling about the future of the characters.

I finished Between the Lines and then immediately pick this up So why am I constantly agreeing with him in round 2? Jul 19, Morgan rated it really sdries it Shelves: This group of characters makes for one fun story! Let me put it to you this way, if Brooke was a real person and I ever happened to cross her path, I would slap her!

View all 7 comments. My revised, revised betwsen plan: Very well played, Webber! He has the quiet moments that speak so much.