Os autores, utilizando informação obtida no Medline, fizeram uma revisão acerca do papel dos antipsicóticos atípicos no tratamento dos pacientes bipolares. 12 Jun ANTIPSICOTICOS TIPICOS Y ATIPICOS EPUB DOWNLOAD – atípicos y los antipsicóticos típicos, clásicos, o de primera generación en manía. El artículo principal de esta categoría es: Antipsicótico atípico. Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Antipsicóticos atípicos.

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ABSTRACT Even though lithium is still the choice drug in the treatment of bipolar disorder, recent studies have shown that it has a significant lower efficacy than previously described in earlier studies. Despite its adverse side effects, typical antipsychotic agents have often had a prominent role in the treatment of this psychiatric disorder, especially in the acute manic phase.

Recently new alternatives have become available with the development of newer atypical antipsychotic agents.

A comprehensive Medline search was conducted, and wtipicos available literature concerning the role of atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of bipolar patients was retrieved. Olanzapine showed to be quite effective in the treatment of acute mania, and it was found that an aatipicos of Data was less robust for clozapine and risperidone, mainly due to methodological limitations of the few available studies.

It was also found a considerable interest in future investigating the efficacy of these pharmacological agents in refractory cases and in the treatment of the disorder’s depressive phase.

Additionally, there has been extensive interest in evaluating their potential action as mood stabilizers, for which there will be a need of longer-term longitudinal studies.

Em estudo aberto prospectivo, Calabrese et al 42 avaliaram o uso da clozapina em 25 pacientes com mania aguda dez bipolares e 15 esquizoafetivos do tipo bipolar durante 13 semanas. Todos os pacientes bipolares apresentaram melhora moderada ou acentuada, embora todos estivessem usando, concomitantemente, estabilizadores do antilsicoticos.

Na Tabela 1encontram-se resumidos os principais estudos publicados sobre o uso da olanzapina na mania aguda. EmTollefson et al 63 avaliaram 1. Gershon S, Soares JC. antipzicoticos

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Antipsicoticos atípicos by Lionel Reyes Corzantes on Prezi

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Quetiapina versus otros antipsicóticos atípicos para la esquizofrenia

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