His greatest battle is just beginningCaptain Harry Lidge has done his duty. After losing too many good men on the battlefield, he’s ready to put his. Always a Temptress by Eileen Dreyer Harry is now one of “Drake’s Rakes”, a spy organization designed to bring down the Lions, a group of. “Fueled by a surfeit of sizzling sensuality, chilling suspense, and delectably dry wit, Always a Temptress brings Dreyer’s first historical trilogy to a smashingly.

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Her novels have every hallmark of a memorable historic romance: Both Harry and Kate have depth beyond mere good and bad behavior. Commanding characters, sumptuous locations, weave Always A Temptress into a tantalizing tapestry of romance. Dreyer is a talented author who will have you smiling one minute and shedding a tear the next. It pulled at my heartstrings. Kate is the person who says what everybody wishes they had the courage to.

But she is not a traitor, no matter what Sir Harry Lidge thinks. The problem is that to prove it, she has to survive close quarters with Harry, after x kidnaps her to learn her secrets. Separated ten years earlier, the two of them have a lot of history to overcome on the way to finding the truth, and happiness. In fact, she gets to be a heroine. Kate loved weddings, especially if dreyyer friends were involved. She loved the flowers and thumping organ music, and the eieen sentiment that brought handkerchiefs wileen to be waved like white flags of surrender.

She especially loved the smiles. Everyone should smile at weddings. Everyone should have a wedding to smile about. Which was why once she ate her surfeit of lobster patties and succumbed to the obligatory hug from the happy couple, she escaped as fast as a thief purloining silver. After all, the sentiment expressed on such a nice day should never be envy or cynicism.

Such had been the case today. Kate had joined wholeheartedly in the celebration. And then, at the first opportunity, she had run. At least, that was her excuse. She refused to think how she had abandoned not only her cousin Diccan but her friend Grace. In a matter of only moments the day before, Diccan had lost his father, and Grace, evidently her marriage. As for Grace, Kate kept teemptress that maybe without Kate there to smooth the way, Grace ddreyer Diccan would learn to rely on each other and rebuild dreyerr marriage.

Pulling on her gloves, Kate stepped out of the door of alwahs Angel Inn and into the gray afternoon. Guildford was bustling, as always, situated as it was on the main London-Portsmouth rod. Of its eoleen coaching inns, Kate had always preferred the smaller Angel on High Street with its cozy half-timbered facade and efficient staff. It never took longer than twenty minutes to change out the horses and down a cup of tea. Today seemed to be different.


When she stepped out into the cobbled yard, her coach was nowhere to be seen. A stage was being unloaded, with much shouting and banging, and behind it a curricle waited. Kate tapped her feet, impatient to be away. From her left came the sound of a muffled sob.

If Kate enjoyed the pomp of weddings, Bea positively wallowed. Mary in Bury to find fileen bursting with friends and late summer flowers. Kate frowned, wondering what the late duchess of Devonshire could have to do with the temptresss minted Earl and Countess of Gracechurch. All Jack had done was divorce his wife and take five years to rectify the mistake. Kate, who never got tekptress, nearly succumbed.

What more could I want than money, freedom, and my dearest friend to share it with? Or is it you? Mayhap a young cicisbeo who would squire you about on his arm? General Willoughby would snap you up in a minute, if you just let him. Bea thought no one would want her, no matter her impeccable lineage and bone-deep aristocratic beauty. Not only was Bea into her seventies, but a few years earlier, her brain had suffered a terrible injury that left her speech so tortured that many days, Kate was the only one who understood her.

Now maybe the children can move on. Just then, the coach clattered around the corner, the Murther lozenge shining against the black lacquered panels. The horses were unfamiliar, but they were handsome bays that seemed to be pulling hard at drreyer reins.

She had just settled and turned to help Bea, when suddenly she heard a shout, and the coach lurched. She was thrown back dreyerr her seat. The horses whinnied and took off, as if escaping a fire. Ieleen, Kate tried to right herself without success. How dare they abuse the horses that way?

How dare they leave Bea stranded in the coaching yard, her hand out, her mouth open, still waiting to get temptess the coach? The coach turned on two wheels and skidded through the archway. It took her a few tries before she managed to sit back up.

She was still too angry, too anxious for Bea, who simply could not be left alone in a coaching inn. It was wedged shut. She pounded again on the roof.

Always a Temptress by Eileen Dreyer – FictionDB

The coach sped on, rocking from side to side and throwing her off-balance. In all truth, probably nothing.


Her brother Edwin, the current duke of Livingston, would say she deserved it. Her step-son Oswald, now duke of Murther, would be delighted by the mistreatment.

She had never gotten on well with x, especially since neither believed temptdess more deserving of her wealth than they were. She had to try, though. She had to get back to Bea.

The carriage made another precarious turn and then straightened onto what Kate dryeer might be a turnpike. She barely caught the strap in time to keep her from falling again. She already felt bruised. That was the thought that finally gave her pause.

Brought it to a halt where? She could hear shouting outside, and feared for nearby pedestrians. She heard a crash and more shouting and cringed. Could it be a kidnapping? She was certainly wealthy. But who in their right mind would think anyone would pay to get her back? Suddenly her mind shuddered to a halt.

Had he seen the painting? That might well be enoughto set him off. Kate refused eilen be terrified. She categorically repudiated the idea that her brother had the power to incarcerate her for something she had no part in. And when she saw him, she would tell him so. She needed to get away before he did something irrevocable. The coach was moving too eilewn, its balance precarious.

She was holding onto the strap, and still being battered around. She would probably kill herself if she leaped. She laughed out loud. There were worse things than a split head, and this ei,een jaunt threatened her with most of them.

She would jump and happily take her chances.

Always a Temptress

She was still too furious to really be properly terrified. Which meant it was time to act. Pulling in a steadying breath, she crossed herself like a Papist and reached for the door handle. She tried the other one. Somehow they had secured the doors, preventing her from escaping. Thinking she could at least alert people passing by, she attempted to pull up the leather shades, only to find them nailed in place. She was truly imprisoned.

For the first time, she was beginning to realize how desperate her situation was. Damn Edwin to hell. She needed to get word to her cousin Diccan. He could at least threaten Edwin with the kind of public disgrace her brother loathed.