presents the Essence of Agni Purana in English, condensed by Sri. , devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and retired official of the. Page 1. – Visit. Page 2. – Visit. Page 3. – Visit. Page 4. – Visit. Page 5. You are currently browsing our books with tag name Sri Agni Puranam If you don’t see what you are looking for here at this Sri Agni Puranam page.

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Sri Agni Puranam – online Telugu Books

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Garuda Puranam 2 Topic: Garuda Puranam 1 Topic: Garuda Puranam 3 Topic: In this episode of Ambarisha’s story, a great message about the emotional outburst causing havoc is given. One will have to wait for emotions to ebb rather than drive other away with a slanderous tongue.

In the KarthikaPuranam – Ambarishopakhyanam we see Durvasa’s fury come back to haunt him. When king Ambarisha was about to break his fast, the venerable Durvasa visited hi with his entourage. The king invited the sage for lunch.

Sri Agni Puranam

He waited for the sage who had gone to bathe in the Yamuna even as Karthika Powrnima – Message for value living. The Puranas pervade our cultural life; every character has been presented to the reader in sch a way that he or she can mold his or her future in a proper manner. The lessons learnt form them are applicable to all times and to all conditions of life. Though Tripurasura is a stanch devotee of Lord Shiva, due to ignorance he envious and became Agin has a special significance in spirituality and Karthika Vrata.


On this day Lord Narayana awakes from His yoganidra to bless the world.

Karthika Danam Dwadasi Brahmana Samaradhana and Salagrama Silaadaanam are great in trimming the sins of people and blessing purnam Punyam for liberation. The listeners, Organisers and the powranic are blessed with peace and bliss Topics: Karthika Puranam gives a very lucid and simple procedures for a healthy and happy living. In this episode sage Vasishta narrated to emperor Janaka about abni importance of living Piously with good communication skills and without an eye on others wealth.

The essence of Vedas and Upanishads were told in the Puranas to be understood by all people. In the KarthikaPuranam Various procedures were followed for a virtuous life and for liberation.

In this episode sage Vasishta narrated ni story of Ajamila who a great sinner and how he could attain liberation and joined lord Vishnu in Vaikuntham. Sage Narada enquired puranqm Lord Brahma as to which was the best month of a year, who was the best Deity to worship and which was the best Tirtha to visit.

In this episode of KarthikaPuranam, sage Vasishta narrated the importance and greatness of listening to Purana.


Agni Purana – Wikipedia

He summarized that PuranaSravanam enhances the listening skills of individuals, which in turn helps in personality development. The stories may look simple but can make everlasting impressions that influence our thought process, communication and action.

The ultimate of personality development is liberation or kaivalyam Topics: Karthika Puranam Day 11 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 15 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 17 Topic: This book cannot be viewed because it is under review by the Million Books Project Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 8 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 24 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 23 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 6 Topic: KP Day 26 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 4 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 7 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 16 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 20 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 27 Topic: Karthika Puranam Chapter 1 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 21 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 12 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 9 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 30 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 28 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 29 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 3 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 10 Topic: Dutt favorite favorite favorite favorite 1 reviews Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 13 Topic: Karthika Puranam Day 19 Topic: