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ABIT KD7-S ✓ Specs ✓ Manual ✓ Drivers ✓ BIOS → free Download – Socket Motherboard with VIA KT for AMD Athlon/Athlon XP/Duron/Sempron. Overview. For those looking for the ultimate performance platform for their AMD systems, look no further than the KD7-RAID. Based on the VIA KT chipset. Abit KD7 Socket A Motherboard, Socket A for AMD AthlonXP / Athlon Duron processor, VIA KT chipset, ATX Form Factor, on-board audio, LAN, Optical Jack.

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It has a Watt power supply.

Plugged the power lead into the power supply, LEDS flash on and off on the keyboard. All of this indicates that the board is getting power. The problem is when we press the power button, all the fans will start up for one second and stop.

If we keep the power button depressed, everything will start for one sec, stop, start again, stop, etc. When we tried with nothing on the board, it started up fine, buit after, smoke came up from one of the power conduits on the botto; of the MBm and my friend had black ‘gunk’ on his hands!


Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

The smell was great too. Being abkt brave sort, we put the just the CPU back in, and then it came on for one second, then off, just like before.

So was it the CPU or the board that is busted? Do Athlon’s have some kind of protection, which would explain the initial problem? I had a similar problem when building my last system; it turns out that the board was being shorted-out by the case.

Just a thought from my experiences. Hello all, I’m the friend. I haven’t played around with the new MB today, but just wanted k7 add some more information to this. The MB was tested while it was fixed to the casing and when it was “loose” Cooler Master cases are all aluminium, that’s non-conducve to electricityright?

– ABIT KD7-E (Via KT chipset) motherboard

Also, the black gunk wasn’t there before we did the test without anything on the board, it actully seems to be something that burned or melted and that probably isn’t good at all! One of the circuits leading to the Fan3 pins seems to be what fried the middle pin actually. I’ve rebuilt my old machine in the new case, and it seems to be working fine, although there was a bit a burnt smell when I turned it on the first time, could this be the power supply burning in?


It’s running fine now, and there’s no smell, for now Thanks for the suggestions! Abit KD7 power problem 4 posts. Military necessity does not admit of cruelty nor of torture to procure confessions. Oct 13, Posts: Sat Oct 05, 9: Jan 2, Posts: Sat Oct 05, Sep 4, Posts: Sun Oct 06, ke7 Oct 6, Posts: Sun Oct 06,