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On they day that i watched Simon Whitfield win, i got a sudden urge to just plain win. I remember one time at practise, i was so tired, it was near the end of practise and we had to do sprints and i was hurting so badly, but i thought “well kat, Simon was working way harder than this, pick up the speed. We have many American friends and we enjoy living here but will always retain our Canadian citizenship.

I switched swim teams and now are training harder and more hours. My coach noticed that i had picked up the speed as well.

The guy that had made me go faster that day at practise. Americans become quite abnoxious around olympic time and I miss a great deal the Canadian coverage of the Games.

Pscotestes your site is the best site on the Olympics.


You should all hold your heads high for making Canadians happy these past 2 weeks. Oh by the way, tell her that I really like Gymnastics too.

I want to write to Anne Montminy to wish her good luck.

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Every day I saw you all playing at the olympic games. Show the world what Canadians are made of, and make us all proud, or should I say prouder! I just want to say that i admire all of you especially simon. Tespostas lose a competition and blame it on lack of funds?

Third world countries are beating your ass because you are pathetic whiners and you have no spine. You are there only as a result of hard work, you should be proud, we are proud of you.

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Cara had been present at the fight for third place match, between Portugal and Germany. No realy, I use to work with this guy Jesus and he was a cool dude. Puerto Rico just didn’t want to become part of the 50 states.

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She was so clean and tight, it was ashamed what he would have to do to her later. He redialed the last number and taunted her cop sister.

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